MOCO 2017 – 4th International Conference on Movement Computing


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The fourth International Symposium on Movement and Computing (MOCO’17) was held in London, UK. MOCO’17 was organized by Goldsmiths, University of London, one of the UK’s leading universities for the arts, and held in the Professor Stuart Hall. The Department of Computing has a strong tradition of interdisciplinary work that takes seriously the notion of technology as a creative discipline.


MOCO is the international symposium on movement and computing. MOCO aims to gather academics and practitioners interested in the computational study, modelling, representation, segmentation, recognition, classification, or generation of movement information. MOCO is positioned within emerging interdisciplinary domains between art & science.

The workshop references the challenge of representing embodied movement knowledge within computational models, yet it also celebrates the inherent expression available within movement as a language. While human movement itself focuses on bodily experience, developing computational models for movement requires abstraction and representation of lived embodied cognition. Selecting appropriate models between movement and its rich personal and cultural meanings remains a challenge in movement interaction research.

Many fields, including Interaction Design, HCI, Education and Machine Learning have been inspired by recent developments within Neuroscience validating the primacy of movement in cognitive development and human intelligence. This has spawned a growing interest in experiential principles of movement awareness and mindfulness, while simultaneously fueling the need for developing computational models that can describe movement intelligence with greater rigour. This conference seeks to explore an equal and richly nuanced epistemological partnership between movement experience and movement cognition and computational representation.

MOCO 2017 - 4th International Conference on Movement Computing