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Are you a professional dancer, choreographer, student or simply an amateur? Are you willing to give a personal contribution to our research? Then you should definitely take part in our Annotation marathon!

Within WhoLoDancE, we are collecting annotations on the perception of movement qualities by dance experts such as choreographers, dance researcher, teachers or students. These annotations are then processed and employed for the training of machine-learning algorithms for the automatic annotation of dance performances. In other words, the algorithm “learns” to annotate performances basing on the annotations it is provided with: the more annotation data it is trained with, the more its automated annotation will resemble the one of a real dance expert… that is why your contribution is essential for us.

If you are interested in taking part in the marathon, you can simply go to our registration page and register/login with a username and password.

Then you will be redirected to our Movement Quality Annotation tool, where you will be able to compare a series of dance sequences – in pairs – and annotate movement qualities by choosing which one of the two, in your view, expresses the highest level of the given quality.

MQA preview

The marathon will be open until 28 February 2019.

We wish you all to have fun with annotations!

Annotation marathon