Consortium meeting in Coventry


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On the 24th-25th of January 2017 the WhoLoDancE consortium gathered at the Institute of Creative Enterprise in Coventry. All participants attended a number of dance workshops that were instructed by the dance partners. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a common ground of understanding of basic movement principles among dance and tech partners, which will play a key role for the technical developments necessary within the framework of WhoLoDancE, such as directionality, rhythm, and qualities of movements. The members of the consortium had the opportunity to participate in basic exercises of the four dance genres that the project focuses on, i.e. contemporary, ballet, traditional Greek and flamenco, and to experience the actual meaning of each principle from the perspective of a dance student.

After completion of the dance workshops, the tech partners presented prototypes of tools showing examples of how to teach orientation or other movement principles. In the end of the day the tech-partners gave their feedback on the dance sessions. They all agreed that the dance workshops had been very useful in increasing their understanding and awareness of principles and concepts in dance practice, which are necessary for directing the technical work towards impactful developments.

On the second day of the meeting a broad discussion on what has been achieved so far and on the missing links towards the presentation of a running prototype of the project’s final product.