The first users’ board session in Milan


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On the 6th of December 2016 a first users’ board session was held in Milan. During this session the outcomes of the first year of WhoLoDancE were presented to a panel of distinguished dance experts and thought leaders in the fields of movement and computing, who provided critical feedback on the progress of work, and shared their thoughts and views on the challenges and opportunities within the project. After a first round of demo presentations and a panel discussion, covering the first 11 months of achievements by the consortium, the attendees provided comments and suggestions that can be taken into account in the forthcoming steps of the WhoLoDancE work.

The feedback received by the experts was encouraging. Most participants appeared enthusiastic about the overall content of the project, impressed by the technical developments made so far, and curious about the expected outcomes, and they provided specific suggestions on how to improve WhoLoDancE content wise.

The List of participants

Name Occupation Affiliation
Chiara Bassetti Researcher in human action-in-interaction and the role of tools and technologies Laboratory for Applied Ontology ISTC-CNR
Joseph Fontano Choreographer, Professor specialized in Contemporary and Classical Dance Academia Nazionale di Danza
Letizia Gioia Monda Choreographer, Performer and Researcher specialized in Digital Technologies Sapienza University of Rome
Goffredo Haus Full Professor and Director of the Departement of Informatics at Università degli Studi di Milano. Università degli Studi di Milano.
Alberto Sanna Director of e-Services for Life and Health  within the S. Raffaele Hospital, former photographer at La Scala Ballet Company Ospedale San Raffaele
Ariella Vidach Performer, Coreographer and founder of the company Ariella Vidach – A.i.E.P. Ariella Vidach – A.i.E.P.
Claudio Prati Collaborator at the Company Ariella Vidach – A.i.E.P Ariella Vidach – A.i.E.P.
Benjamin Pech Choreographer and Dancer Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Daniele Baldacci Light Designer, Cinematographer BluecinemaTV
Leonetta Bentivoglio Journalist and Writer La Repubblica (National Newspaper)
Anton Koch Researcher at Motion Bank Motion Bank

‘I think the project has a huge potential, and it is incredibly amazing the work the experts developed in just one year. In particular, I have been very impressed by the work carried on the movement principles, being able to get in dialogue so many expressions of the same form of art. I am very curious to see the future results of this very ambitious project’
– Letizia Gioia Monda

‘I think the project is well-advancing and its result will be of value for researchers and practitioners alike, especially in terms of cultural heritage and movement analysis’
– Chiara Bassetti

‘My overall impression is extremely positive. I await to see how it will develop and become just a little bit more human-looking by bringing expression into the movement range that is being’
– Joseph Fontano

‘The work appeared to me accurate and well done. Whether the project goals are achieved in the end or not, the deepened process of approaching these goals, would be of great usefulness for those in the sector’
– Leonetta Bentivoglio

‘I have got a very good impression about the content of the project. The work seems to be progressing fast and to an interesting direction. I am looking forward to seeing the final product, which may even offer opportunities to introduce dance knowledge to the general public’
– Alberto Sanna

‘The Wholodance project is a challenging journey that offers new opportunities to study movement with the technological support. Through his body, the man experiences his limits, tests his senses and challenges his physical potentials. The body power and its strength cannot be questioned, yet when it comes to go beyond boundaries, the man avails himself of technological devices, which enable him to see what’s invisible and to document it, so giving birth to new form of knowledge’
– Ariella Vidach

Panel Discussion during the Users’ Board Session in Milan


The first users’ board session in Milan