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Lynkeus is an independent strategy consultancy specialised in the conception and management of EU-funded projects, with a specific expertise on eHealth, data analytics, data privacy and security. Founded in 2000, it works to identify and promote the best cutting-edge technological solutions to complex socio-economic issues, ranging from innovative applications in the field of eHealth and precision medicine to the adoption of blockchain and smart contract technologies for a number of use case scenarios. Within WhoLoDancE, Lynkeus plays the role of project coordinator, and is responsible for science communication and dissemination activities, as well as exploitation and IPR management.

The “Athena Research Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies” (Athena RC) was founded in 2003 and aims at the development of scientific and technological research in the sectors of information technology, knowledge, communication and automating production processes. It focuses on the implementation and exploitation results aiming at the production of laboratory prototypes, products and services applied to variety of sectors such as Cultural Heritage, Health and Earth Sciences, Education and other. Within WhoLoDancE, Athena RC team is responsible for the drafting or user requirements, definition of learning scenarios and conceptual framework, the implementation of data management platform, as well as the creation of end-user interfaces including desktop, and whole-body interaction technologies.

Motek Entertainment innovates 3D animation and performance capture by developing digital assets, content, formats, custom pipelines and solutions to technical and creative challenges. It excels in real-time interactive environments, immersive experiences, mapping and digital holography. Motek is one of the pioneers in the field of motion capture, with a history of new production technologies and integration of techniques from the world of research, medicine and robotics into affordable, broadcast-ready solutions. The role of Motek in WhoLoDancE involves the creation of the motion capture repository, the development of a standalone dance-related movement blending engine, and the implementation of holographic volumetric display technologies.

Ranked among the top 50 universities in the world (QS ranking) in all areas of science and technology, the Politecnico di Milano is the largest technical university in Italy and Europe. The Image and Sound Processing Group (ISPG) has a long-standing experience in the fields of multi-view analysis for 3D reconstruction and behavioral analysis, pattern recognition for video- sound analysis, sound production and processing. In WhoLoDancE, PoliMi is involved in the development of advanced analytics and machine learning-based algorithms arming the platform, such as similarity search, automatic segmentation, beat tracking and annotation.

InfoMus/CasaPaganini is a research centre of the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and System Engineering (DIBRIS) of the University of Genoa. Founded in 1984, its research method is characterized by cross-fertilisation between scientific, humanistic, and artistic contributions. The centre participates in many international research and education projects, develops multimedia systems, platforms and applications for industry partners, takes part in artistic productions and museum projects where systems and research results are applied and validated. In WhoLoDancE, InfoMus/CasaPaganini contributes to the development of movement analysis techniques and novel applications for accessing the movement datasets, capture movement with low-cost devices and get relevant information in the database.

Peachnote develops technology and applications making it easier to enjoy music more, both analytically and creatively. It collects large datasets and applies to them efficient algorithms, data mining and machine learning to make music history and practice more accessible and novel real-time multimedia applications possible. Peachnote publishes web and mobile applications for novice and advanced musicians and participates in research collaborations with academic partners. In WhoLoDancE, Peachnote provides the search and similarity engine for the collected motion data and designs real-time motion-based applications.

The Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University is one of Europe’s leading Research Centers for dance. Its research is rooted in the creation, analysis and publication of diverse dance practices. Its researchers collaborate on an international basis with artists and research organizations, with funding from national and international research councils, trusts and the EU. The team from Coventry University contributes with expertise in dance knowledge and artistic practice and leads the evaluation of the project tools and the development of the relevant use-case scenarios, thanks to the broad and varied connection with the dance community at national and international level.

Instituto Stocos is a project based on the transfer of concepts and abstractions taken from scientific disciplines into performative contexts, focusing on the analysis, research and development of the interaction between body gesture, music and interactive visual imagery. Instituto Stocos also organises events and publications related to these areas. In WhoLoDancE, Instituto Stocos contributed in the elaboration of movement principles and choreographic strategies, in the recording of motion capture sessions for classic ballet and contemporary dance, developing music and dance representation models and in the organisation of dissemination events and performances.

K. Danse is a dance company involved in numerous creative projects mixing contemporary dance and digital arts. The choreographic approach of K. Danse develops a contemporary movement language by the dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual). K. Danse develops work in four main areas of activity: performance making, mediation, art-science research, and organization of events. In WhoLoDancE, K.Danse contributed with choreographic knowledge and expertise to the preparation and rehearsal of motion capture sessions, the conception of dance movement principles, the follow up on motion captured data with annotation and movement segmentation, and organization of several dissemination events.

The Lykeion ton Hellenidon (Lyceum Club of Greek Women, LCGW), founded in 1911, has played an important role in the preservation of Greek cultural traditions and folk customs but also in the domain of the defence of women’s rights. The group presents artistic performances on Greek traditional themes, participating in prestigious cultural events, and constitutes a Consultative organization of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. As the other dance partners, LCGW has been contributing to WhoLoDancE by recording movements for the motion repository, segmenting and annotating dance sequences, evaluating project tools and supporting their development, particularly machine learning-based processing methods (annotation, segmentation, beat tracking, etc.).