Movement repository and data curation tools

 WhoLoDancE movement library and annotator


The WhoLoDancE movement library (WML) constitutes the web-based system to access and navigate the dance motion repository of synchronized multimodal recordings (MoCap and video) created during motion capture recording sessions, thus segmented and annotated by Consortium dance experts. It consists of a web-based interface, data, metadata – including title, genre, annotations, performer, dance company and date of recording -, annotation management back-end as well as a user-management system.
The system allows to browse recordings or search for specific ones by metadata- and annotation-related keywords, as well as create personal playlists. For each recording, the user can visualise the video of the performance beside the corresponding MoCap-derived 3D avatar and interact with it, e.g., by rotating the avatar to observe the movement from different perspectives. A timeline shows the sequence progressing and evolution of associated actions (e.g., step, arm/leg gesture, change of support), movement principle states (e.g., in focus, symmetrical/asymmetrical, in balance) and movement qualities (e.g., heavy, fluid, sudden).
The annotation tool, embedded into the WML, enables manual annotation of performances with free text and controlled vocabularies based on the conceptual framework of WhoLoDancE, through a tabular and a timeline view.

Segmentation tool


The segmentation tool is the web-based application which allows manual segmentation of motion MoCap sequences into simpler movement segments. The resulting data – together with its annotation – constitutes the ground knowledge for the development and evaluation of algorithms for automatic segmentation, as the tool can be used to inspect and manually correct the result of an automatic segmentation, contributing to the continuous refinement of the algorithm. The tool includes three interconnected modules: a 3D scene where the user can rotate the scene, zoom in/out and switch to/from full-screen view, with the avatar changing colour at the beginning of a new segment; a player to follow the execution or jump to specific frames of interest, showing segments as coloured progress bars; a table to show the annotated segments, with labels and commands to add or modify annotations.