Submitted Public Deliverables

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D1.1 State of the Art Survey

D1.2 Interviews Report

D1.3 Workshop Report

D1.5 Data Acquisition Plan

D2.1 Recruitment Protocol and Informed Consent Form

D2.2 Outcome of the pipeline development

D2.3 Outcome of the capture process

D2.4 Trimmed linear database of curated data sequences

D2.8 Multi-sensor Integration Report

D3.6 First report on software platform and libraries

D5.1 Data modelling, data integration and data management plan report

D7.1 Usability and Learning Experience Evaluation report

D8.1 Dissemination and Exploitation strategy plan and preliminary

D9.1 Kick-off Meeting Report

D9.2 Project Presentation

D9.3 Self-Assessment Plan

D9.4 Quality Assurance Guidelines

D9.5 First Intermediate Report