Enrich choreography


Enrich choreography by building and structuring an interactive repository of motion capture dance libraries. Custom dance data blending engine will give choreographers and dance teachers a powerful tool to blend and assemble an infinite number of dance compositions.

WhoLoDancE offers choreographers the control over the dance database to be able to create new dance routines through blending, extracting and synthesizing the motion capture sequences in the database converting the raw motion capture data from 3dimensional marker position arrays to joint rotations of an inverse kinematic skeleton, and then in turn, to arrays of velocities and accelerations of all body parts separately.

The blending engine allows the creation of new (never captured) sequences, through an interface that allows the interactive real-time blending of any sub-array of velocities and accelerations of any given body part from the database. The choreographers will be able to visualize the data as vector flow fields or particle fields that suggests the flow of motion, rather than limiting it to a virtual body.

Choreographers will be able to compare choreographic patterns and structures, making use of them as building blocks for creating new original choreographies from existing choreographies with easy-to-access tools and software platforms.

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