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A meeting at the crossroad of Art, Science and Dance 

Metabody_Toulouse 2017 is the upcoming transcultural event taking place in Toulouse (France),  on December 18-19 at Centre Culturel Bellegarde (17 Rue Bellegarde), organised by our partner K.Danse within the Metabody initiative.

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Metabody_Toulouse is a collaborative platform for experimentation, critical thinking and presentation of artistic works, which proposes transdisciplinary exchanges between artists, scientists, programmers, inventors, researchers, philosophers. The platform, initiated in 2013 by the K.Danse Company in the frame of its artistic and technological research, is the local extension of the EU-funded Metabody project, investigating the homogenisation of expressions induced by current information and control technologies, and proposing to reinvent them through a new concept of interactive architecture constituting dynamic, participatory and performative environments for outdoors and indoors.

For the 2017 edition, Metabody_Toulouse presents various works articulated around dance and relevant scientific research carried on by local, national and international partners within the Radical Choreographic Object (RCO) and WhoLoDancE projects. RCO is an interactive participatory dance performance, with variable scales, which unfolds according to the physical behaviour of audience participation and their reactions instructed via their smartphones. For Wholodance, representatives of  Motek (The Netherlands), InfoMus and Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Peachnote (Germany), Athena RC (Greece), University of Coventry (UK), will animate the event with the presentation of technological prototypes dedicated to the annotation and fine analysis of kinesthetic and qualitative aspects of movement in dance, the use of a similarity search software in order to identify similar patterns of movement, the blending of choreographic sequences taken from a large repertory of 3D high quality motion capture movements, including ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco and traditional Greek dances.

For more infoK.Danse +33 (0)611775456 

Photo credits: Fabien Leprieult

Metabody_Toulouse 2017