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The Biennale of Western Balkans (BoWB) is a new arts and cultural event and institution, which this year will be hosted for the first time in the city of Ioannina, in the region of Epirus, Northwestern Greece. Its vision is focused on bringing intangible cultural heritage and community values in the contemporary context, in connection with art and new technologies.

BoWB explores the new artistic and creative directions of intangible cultural heritage, valuing in particular contributions that examine lesser-known bodies of knowledge, collective, anonymous and non-textual works, women theorists, undiscovered collections, and projects that make interconnections of smaller scenes with wider ones.


The aim is to support and present contemporary art that can engage aspects of the intangible cultural heritage of the Greek and Western Balkan communities, and of the European and international field as well.
Moreover, the Biennale aims to create a critical framework for the dissemination of contemporary thought and research in art and culture, open technologies and the commons.

Athena RC and Lykeion ton Hellenidon will take part in the conference to present WhoLoDance, with particular reference on how the project has been contributing to the preservation, enrichment and  conveying of European intangible cultural heritage – particularly traditional Greek folk dances – by means of digital recording and archiving, enriching by annotation, and provision of tools for 3D visualisation and interactive self-experimentation in real time (Choreomorphy).


Biennale of Western Balkans